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Year 2015
Charles Nota PhD in Music Education
Chad Rossouw PhD in Fine Arts
Gerodie McCharlie Masters in Afrikaans and Dutch literature
Year 2014
Anva Chiazzari

MTech @ Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Kyle John Lloyd MSc @ Rhodes University
Charles Nota

PhD of Education (Music) @ Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Amy Grace Wright MSc in Biology @ University of Cape Town
Year 2013
Michelle Jooste MSc in Zoology @ University of Stellenbosch
Year 2012
Sarah Haiden

MPhil Climate Change @ University of Cape Town
Lindsay Patterson

MA Conservation and Biology @ University of Cape Town
Murray Stanford

MA in Social Anthropology @ University of Cape Town
Brink Scholtz PhD in Drama @ University of Cape Town
Year 2011
Mooniq Shaikjee

MA Sociolinguistics @ University of the Western Cape
Alta du Plooy MA Film Studies @ University of Cape Town
Annalie Melin

PhD in Environmental Studies @ Stellenbosch University
Year 2010
David Cornwell

MSc in Creative Writing @ University of Cape Town
Amy Jephta

MSc in Creative Writing @ University of Cape Town
Natashia Muna

PhD Mollecular and Cell Biology @ University of Cape Town
Alanna Rebelo

Masters Conservatioon Biology @ Stellenbosch University
Year 2009
Johannes Philippus Groenewald MSc in Conservation Ecology @ Stellenbosch University
Jeremy Mark Shelton PhD in Zoology @ University of Cape Town
Stigue Vincent Nel MMus @ University of Cape Town
Lauren Nicole Palte Master of Fine Art @ University of Cape Town
Nathan Vernon Vrolick BAHons (Afrikaans and Dutch) @ NMMU
Alanna Jane Rebelo Masters in Conservation Biology @ University of Cape Town
Siphokazi Jonas MA English @ University of Cape Town
Chad Rossouw Master of Fine Art @ University of Cape Town
Year 2008
Vincent Ralph Clark PhD in Plant biomes of the Great Escarpment
Tracy-Lee Nicol MA Art History & Visual Culture - Comtemporary SA Art
Jeremy Shelton PhD Zoology - Eco impact of exotic rainbow trout in mountain streams in Cape Floristic Region
Jasper PhD Botany - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Year 2008
Nicolette Louw MA English – Investigate construction of “female culture” after male dominated Drum decade – Stellenbosch University
Dirk Snyman MSc Conservation Ecology - Environment management involving local communities – Stellenbosch University
Anne Treasure PhD - Antarctic:Impacts on climate change and invasion – Stellenbosch Unversity
Cape 300 Foundation Special Awards
Elizabeth Hastings
Dora Scott
Year 2007
Pierre du Toit Scholarship MMus @ Stellenbosch
Dirk Snyman: Scholarship MSc Conservation Ecology
Richard Walker: Scholarship MSc Conservation Biology UCT
(since decided not to study)
D'Ewes Special Awards
Nicolette Louw MA English @ Stellenbosch
Marni Viviers MA Afrikaans en Nederlandse @ Stellenbosch

Year 2006

Hester Carstens Scholarship -
Christopher Thurman Scholarship -
Denzil Tryon Scholarship -
Joan-Mari Barendse Special Cape 300 Foundation Award
Ceridwen Dovey Special Cape 300 Foundation Award

Year 2005

Willem Anker Scholarship -
Ceridwen Dovey Scholarship -
Justin Krawitz Scholarship -
Karen Loubser Scholarship -
Lorraine Khoury Special Cape 300 Foundation Award
Dimitro Moses Special Cape 300 Foundation Award
Christopher Thurman Special Cape 300 Foundation Award

Year 2004

Amanda Green Scholarship -
Willem de Lange Scholarship -
Antoinette Botes Scholarship -
Keith Alexander Tabisher Scholarship -
Justin Krawitz Scholarship -

Year 2003

Sarah Johnson Scholarship MA (Creative Writing)
Karen Alston Scholarship MSc (Conservation Biology)
Gretchen van der Byl Scholarship MA (Fine Art)
Anusha Rajkaran Scholarship MSc (Botany)
Ruth Wright Book Prize MSc (Applied Marine Science)
Charles Fru Chi Book Prize MA (Geography)

Year 2002

Georgina Gantana Scholarship MPhil (Sociology)
Jenny Griffin Scholarship MSc (Zoology)
Kelly Luck Scholarship MSc (Anthropology)
Beka Nxele Scholarship MSc (Conservation Ecology)

Year 2001

Frances Lubbe Scholarship MA (English)
Clare Webb Scholarship MMus (Music)
Vukani Mde Scholarship MA (Literature)

Year 2000

Karla Cilliers Scholarship MA (Afrikaans/Nederlands)
Angela Bull Scholarship MA (Rhetoric)
Vukani Mde Scholarship MA (South African Literature)

Year 1999

Nadja Daehnke Scholarship MA (Fine Art)
Jamie Mc Gregor Scholarship PhD (English)
Beverley Pratt Book Award MA (English)

Year 1998

William Moir Scholarship MA (English)
Margaret Samuelson Scholarship MA (English)
Martha Delaney Book Award MA (English)
Sally Stephens Book Award MA (Fine Art)

Year 1997

Anthea Stephens Scholarship MSc (Environmental Planning)
Alfred Goniwe Scholarship MA (Fine Art)
Janice Golding Book Award MSc (Plant Conservation)
Jane Henderson Book Award MA (Fine Art)
Amanda Tiffin Book Award Mmus (Music)

Year 1996

Bradley Smith Scholarship PhD (African Ornithology)
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